Baby Me Massage

Soothing prenatal and postnatal massage enhancing comfort for mother and baby, aiding relaxation and healing.

Book here: 90 min

Baby Me offers a nurturing massage experience designed to support both mother and baby throughout the journey of pregnancy. As the body undergoes significant changes during this time, such as growth, weight gain, and inflammation, our soothing massages aim to alleviate the common discomforts associated with these transformations. Our massage tables are fully adjustable to accommodate the comfort needs of expecting mothers, ensuring a relaxing and safe experience.

Beyond pregnancy, Baby Me massages also provide valuable support for postnatal healing and restoration. With a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation, our 60-minute sessions offer a tranquil escape for mothers to nurture themselves and bond with their growing baby. Whether seeking relief from prenatal discomforts or looking to promote postpartum recovery, Baby Me’s gentle and attentive approach caters to the unique needs of mothers and their babies, fostering a sense of well-being and connection during this special time.

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