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We use the most pure and empowering essential oils and products to support your body and mind when you visit ZenTerra Spa. You'll be uplifted by the aromatic qualities of doTERRA essential oils as soon as you enter the spa and experience essential oils topical benefits in our foot baths, massages, and facials. 

We use a variety of essential oils for relaxing and rejuvenation, like Lavender, doTERRA Balance®, Lemongrass, doTERRA Serenity® and Peppermint. At ZenTerra, all services we offer include natural products. Our massages and facials use natural, top quality products like doTERRA and Image to help our guests achieve the best results of health and beauty.

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Why Essential Oils?

As far back as 1000 A.D., healers have used essential oils from fragrant plants to promote healthy skin, stimulate the mind, and relax the body. 

We bring these ancient benefits into the modern age with each of our spa treatments.

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