Couples Treatments

Relax with a friend or loved one and enjoy soothing massages, refreshing facials, and indulgent footbaths with our couples’ treatments.

Couples Signature Massage

Book here: 60 min;90 min & 2 hr 

Enjoy this treatment side by side in our beautiful couples room! Melt away stress and muscular tension with the unique integrative blend of massage techniques for the whole body.

Couples Zen Zero Gravity Experience

Book here: 30 min & 60 min 

Step into our serene Zen room, leave stress behind. Recline in zero gravity chairs with weighted blankets, experiencing deep relaxation. Enjoy hot towels and a relaxing massage.

Couples Deep Tissue Relief

Book here: 60 min & 90 min

Enjoy this treatment in our beautiful couples room, Designed for the athlete or client with chronic tension, this deep tissue massage helps to relieve inflammation, tension and soreness.

Couples Grounding Foot Bath

Book here: 30 min

A 30 min foot soak in copper bowls with exfoliating scrubs, essential oils, moisturizing oil and soothing massage using reflexology.

Couples Grounding Foot Bath with Zero Gravity Treatment

Book here: 60 min

Start with a 30-minute Zen Foot Bath in copper bowls with salts and oils, followed by a soothing massage. Then relax in zero gravity chairs with weighted blankets for a relaxing body massage experience.

Couples Zen Refresh

Book here: 60 min

Enjoy side by side with your favorite person! A perfect combo to feel refreshed and renewed from head to toe! In our beautiful Zen Room we gracefully combine our Zero Gravity Treatment with our mini facial. 

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