Zen Luxury Combo

Combine our Grounding Foot Bath with our Zen Zero Gravity Experience for a full hour of tranquility and relaxation.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Zen foot bath ritual, beginning your journey to tranquility with a luxurious 30-minute soak in a copper bowl filled with warm water infused with exfoliating scrubs and fragrant essential oils. Let tensions melt away as our skilled therapists apply the ancient art of reflexology, stimulating key points on your feet to promote overall well-being and restore balance to your body.

After this blissful foot immersion, surrender to the comfort of our zero gravity chair, enveloped in a sumptuously weighted blanket that cradles you in a cocoon of relaxation. Feel your muscles unwind and your mind drift into a state of deep tranquility as gravity gently eases tension from your body. Let the soothing warmth of hot towels envelop your feet, preparing you for a unique massage experience that transcends the ordinary, encompassing not only your head, neck, arms, and hands but also extending down to your feet. This holistic treatment nurtures your body, mind, and spirit, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the world anew.

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