Zen Refresh

A perfect combo to feel refreshed and renewed from head to toe! In our beautiful Zen Room we gracefully combine our Zero Gravity Treatment with our mini facial. This is a 60 min treatment. A New Favorite!

Experience ultimate relaxation with our unique blend of zero gravity massage and mini facial. Recline in our luxurious chairs, enjoying weightless comfort as skilled therapists ease away tension with soothing massage. Meanwhile, indulge in a refreshing mini facial for radiant skin. This 60-minute retreat takes place in our serene Zen Room, promising complete renewal.

In our tranquil Zen Room, immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of zero gravity massage and mini facial. Recline in weightless comfort as our therapists work their magic on your body, while skilled aestheticians revitalize your skin. This transformative experience uplifts body and spirit, leaving you refreshed and revitalized in just 60 minutes.

Benefit :